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TPO Roofing: Four Things You Need to Know

Four Things You Need to Know

TPO Roofing – What Is This Technology All About? Are you interested in intensifying the energy efficiency on your home or business in St. Petersburg Fl.? If so, we recommend using an insulated TPO roof membrane roofing because it is very energy efficient and considered a cool roof perfect for the climate in St Petersburg Florida.

Commercial Flat Roofing with TPO. TPO Roof Technology is made from a single-ply flexible membrane that can be attached to most common roof materials. It consists of a liquid coating applied to a high-quality polyester. This liquid coating, or membrane, can’t be compressed and is puncture resistant. This membrane works as a water barrier and a vapor barrier and as an excellent insulation layer.
TPO Membrane Roofing Systems:
1. Energy Efficient: TPO Roofing has a great cooling effect as it allows the incoming air to vent freely through the roof. TPO Roofing is one of the best when it comes to heat and moisture resistance. It also has a very lightweight, which is additive to the products’ overall efficiency.
2. Installation: When it comes to installation, a properly installed TPO Roofing is safer and easier to clean. TPO Roofing can be applied as one single product, making it possible to have overall protection for a roof. In addition, it can be installed on almost any overlay, making it excellent for irregular shapes. It is the perfect option for both walls and roofs. When done properly, TPO Roofing provides you with a longer-lasting solution, which is because of the strong interface. Your roof product will last for a very long time, which, in turn, will offer you the best energy-efficient benefits.
3. Class A Fire-Rated: TPO Roofing is designed to handle even the most extreme weather conditions. It is a favorite option for those who want an all-in-one solution to their roofing needs, be it a residence or a commercial location. It comes with the highest fire rating. In addition, it is completely waterproof, which prevents leaks when there is precipitation. This membrane is different from the clamshell application commonly used at different commercial roofing projects.
4. Reflective or Retentive: TPO Roofing comes in two distinct styles: reflective and retentive. Both of them are very efficient when it comes to their unique features. An additional layer of PVC as a barrier between membranes is required when a retentive membrane is chosen. Keep in mind that reflective roofing is much easier for replacement, which is a great option to consider when making your choice.
TPO Roofing – Applicable to Many Types of Roofing?
Great for commercial roofing and residential roofing:
The best thing about this technology is that it can be installed on almost every type of roofing. No matter whether you have a flat roof or a curved one, this technology can be applied. This is also what makes it so popular because of its flexibility.
Final Words on Commercial Flat Roofs using TPO Roofing Products:
TPO Roofing is the perfect solution to all your concerns when it comes to roofing repairs because it is waterproof and will never leak. All in all, this technology is a great option for roofs that are looking for a long-lasting solution. By choosing this technology, your roof will never need replacement again.
If you want to take advantage of this technology but don’t know where to start or what to have your contractor do when making your home or business a new roof, we can help you. We are a reliable company which has been in business for many years; we have years and years of experience in working with all types of roofing needs. We work to provide you with an excellent and cost-effective solution.